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David Henry Sterry is moving Sex Worker Literati uptown – and by uptown we mean the Bowery – for a lust-drenched 1 year anniversary cavalcade extravaganza.  Yes, Sex Worker Literati sheds its skin and reinvents itself at the great East Village landmark that has come to represent the finest in words: Bowery Poetry Club.  Besides our usual collection of stranger than fiction tales from the seething underbelly of America’s sex trenches, we’re adding ultra-live music and brazen, bawdy burlesque.  It hardly seems a year since the groundbreaking anthology Hos, Hookers, Call Girls and Rent Boys shocked America by rocketing onto the front page of the Sunday New York Times Book Review.  Giving voice to an under represented population that is glorified and reviled, fetishized and stigmatized, worshiped and spat upon, from $5000 a night call girls to $10 crack hos to hard-working rent boys, Sex Worker Literati is the living breathing embodiment of this internationally acclaimed anthology.  In the flesh.  David Henry Sterry and Zoe Hansen will be riding herd over an all-star lineup of the finest ho writer/performers money can buy.  & IT’S ALL STILL FREE!!!

.Sex Worker Literati features sex workers, former sex workers, and people with stories about the sex industry who read, monologue, perform, and shimmy their ways into your hearts, minds, and naughty bits. The series launched August 2009 at the Lower East Side staple Happy Ending (302 Broome Street), which fittingly enough was once an erotic massage parlor. Inspired by a new anthology edited by David Henry Sterry and RJ Martin, Hos, Hookers, Call Girls, and Rent Boys: Professionals Writing on Life, Love, Work & Money, SWL showcase a diverse set of performers who have stories to tell about the business of sex.

Upcoming Events

Click here to see details on upcoming performances. If you are a current or former sex worker who is interested in telling a story at one of our upcoming events, check out our call for performers and get in touch!

Multimedia Documentation!

Those in far-away lands who are unable to attend the reading series in New York can watch videos of the performances online at Blip, subscribe to the video podcast via Miro or iTunes, or check out pictures on Flickr. You can also become a fan on Facebook to find out more. Watch our most recent video below:


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October 1 Sex Worker Literati - Book Party!

Sex Worker Literati - September 3
Sex Worker Literati Inaugural Reading - August 6 at Happy Ending


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